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2 x 22 washes Ariel Original Laundry Washing Powder Clean Clothes

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Sold as 2 x 22 washes box. Ariel Washing Powder not only removes tough stains by cleaning deep down into the fibres, but also prevents them setting in, working brilliantly even at 30°C. Keep your whites bright with Ariel Washing Powder! For an extra boost of freshness, use with Lenor. ATTRIBUTES: • Outstanding stain removal in the 1 wash • Brilliant whites & colours, removes stains at 30°C • Helps lift off dried-in stains • Reduces the grip for dirt and for stains to set in INGREDIENTS: THICKENER PRESERVATIVE SOLVENT STABILISER ENZYME SURFACTANT FRAGRANCE WATER SOFTENER COLOURANT WATER CLEANING AID