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3 x 200ml Cup 360 Easy Flow 6m+ Baby Drinking Mug w/ Handles NO Spill Travel Dish

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Sold as 3 x 200ml cup.

The spill-free cup made for toddlers. Help little ones learn grown up drinking skills of tipping and sipping without making a mess. Works just like any open cup, but stops spills in their tracks. / Thanks to the clever spill-proof lip-activated valve, toddlers can drink from anywhere around the rim. Tested against the global top sellers, it’s the easiest 360° cup to use. / Help them build their drinking skills, without spills and endless cleaning up. Capacity 200ml with handles. The easiest 360° cup to use ever. No spills – all round mess free. Drink from anywhere around the edge. One-piece easy-clean valve, no fiddly or small parts to fit. No spout design supports oral development and big-kid drinking skills. Handy travel cap keeps things clean and dry on the go.